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Annual Remembering Our Children Service

When your child dies your world changes and you are never again the same.  The 2nd Sunday in December is set aside each year to honor and remember all children who have died. Candles are lit to create a wave of light around the world at 7:00 PM in remembrance of all children who will never be forgotten.

Beginning in 2009, St. Alphonsus has held an Annual Remembering Our Children Candlelight Service.  This night is devoted to the parents and families who have lost children. This service symbolizes that the light of these precious children will forever be held in our hearts.  During the service each person attending lights a candle and says their child’s name.  During the second half of the service, the church is only lit by the candles in remembrance of the children. 

Each year this service brings up so many emotions and memories of our children.  We come together in prayer and community to be with each other as we remember our children who have gone too soon.  

St. Alphonsus has a Grief Support Group that meets weekly for those who are still in the mourning process of losing a loved one.  For more information, please contact the parish office at 225-261-4650.


Kyle Cutrer

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